Friday, November 2, 2012

Daddy's Book

I just had to share a quick story about my sweet, smart, sensitive daughters tonight.

When I ordered the children's books from Amazon, I also ordered one for myself and one for Chris. I was flipping through Chris's book for a moment this afternoon when Tori came walking through and asked "What's that book Mama?"  I told her it was Daddy's book about the baby and when she wanted to read it, I let her know that it was Daddy's and we should put it back so he could finish reading it.

She headed for the family room and I went around the other way through a different room, but when I came back into the family room...there she sat looking at Chris's book despite just having been told no.  She looked so sheepish because she knew she wasn't following the rules, so I just simply asked "Hey Tor, whatcha doin'?" 

Her reply?  "I'm looking at Daddy's book so I can figure out what's wrong with our baby."

I'm pretty sure my heart broke into a million pieces, so I just sat down and pulled her into my lap for a hug.  She told me "I'm sorry I wasn't being a good girl, but I just wanted to read it."  I told her that I understood and sat with her while she continued to read, then she wanted to read their books again.  She went to get them and as we sat down, Abby climbed into my lap too.  Although there were no tears from me this time, she still rubbed my arm and said, "'Kay.  'Kay."

We read the stories and I answered all of Tori's questions from last night again. Then, just as quickly, she wanted to know if we could watch "the sharp Aladdin" (known to everyone else as "Aladdin and the King of Thieves").  While they settled in to watch their current favorite, I couldn't help but squeeze them a little and thank God for such amazing little girls.

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  1. And also for an amazing mother. I hope you give yourself credit for being caring, patient, and loving with your daughters during this terrible time when you could easily snap at them and try to avoid their questions and comments. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.