Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today has been a trying day.

Many of you noticed earlier that my Facebook status today was simply "So...two months ago, today would have had me hiding in bed in I just shrug and watch the girls dancing to Tangled music, so blissfully unaware of anything else."  That was prompted by a slight accounting error on my part that had me in a bit of a funk.  There is no doubt in my mind that just two months ago, I would've been beating myself up about it and stressing all day.  Today, I can literally pinpoint the moment at which I decided it just wasn't really a crisis...I was watching the girls spin around in the middle of the living room and singing with all their hearts and it dawned on me, "Oh well." 

Then when Chris got home, he brought in the mail.  We haven't received the bill from our specialist appointment yet, but we did receive the EOB...and it shows our responsibility to be about six times what we expected to pay.  Why?  Because the "insurance year" started over on October 1st...fourteen days before our appointment.  *Sigh*

Again, two months ago...I would've been a sobbing mess trying to figure out how to take care of that little surprise.  Today - I swore a little, then thought "Well, we knew we'd have to pay that deductible next year for the delivery we'll deal with it a little sooner I guess."  

Don't get me anxiety is still a little higher than usual and seeing bills already piling up for a baby that we don't get to keep is more than a little disheartening ...but my point is this: I am amazed at what just one month can do to completely alter our world view and our approach to life.

I hope that no one reading this ever has to face what we're going through right now, but what I do hope is that you stop and think about how you see things.  If you learn nothing from anything else I write during this journey, learn to look for what is important.  It isn't the bills on the table, or the pile of work waiting for you Monday morning.  It isn't the dinner you burnt or the permanent marker stain on your wall.  It isn't the unfinished project in your garage or the Facebook game you have to finish.  It isn't the fight you had with your friend or a silly feud dividing your family.

What matters most are the blessings we are given every day and what we choose to do with them. 

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