Thursday, February 14, 2013

Unconditional Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I've been wanting to put together a post with some of the maternity photos that my sister-in-law did for us a few weeks ago and today seems like the perfect day.  Is there any love more pure than that of a mother and father for their child?  :)

I am so happy that we were given the opportunity to have maternity photos done and would absolutely recommend them for other mommas, especially those facing a similar diagnosis.  They are not only beautiful but she did such an amazing job of capturing all the happiness and joy that co-exists with even the most difficult moments of grief that we've been working through.

   The bracelets in these two images were made by a woman whose daughter Eden was born sleeping after 38 weeks of a healthy pregnancy. "Eden's Wings provides a tangible symbol of healing, hope, and remembrance to bereaved parents through our handmade bracelets." 
You can visit her site at

We got so many beautiful images and as much as I would love to share them all, I'm just not entirely comfortable sharing the ones with our full faces or my other girls in them.  For the same reason, I also want to say that my sister-in-law gets total credit for the awesomeness of the images but, with her permission, I am choosing not to share her name or the name of her studio.  Feel free to contact me ( if you know that you live in our area and would like some more information on getting in touch with her. 

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